Published Works


To the Mormon Marketing Department” and “He Appears This Time of Year & I Don’t Know” || LEON Literary Magazine

 “Half Tilt Heart” Finalist Selected by Dorianne Laux || Limp Wrist Magazine 

“Emily Dickinson—Please Come to McDonalds” || Timber Journal

“Instructions on How to Love Me” || Atticus Review

“Like Waving Goodbye” || Rattle 

“A Letter of Explanation to My Sister” || Juked 

“My First Lesbian Experience” || The Rumpus

The Destruction of America Happens on a Saturday” || Horror Sleaze Trash

“Wernicke’s Kiss” || Angel City Review

Poetry in Print

“Like Waving Goodbye” || Rattle “Sliced.” || Collision Literary Magazine, 2017. 

“My Beautiful Uncut Hair.” || The Rectangle, Vol. 92.


“Luv.” || Horror Sleaze Trash
“Cycle.” || Sink Hollow